Lesson no. 6: Design of visual environment. Task no. 4


CIE Colorimetry applied to light sources is a fundamental section in lighting design, both for indoor and outdoors applications. Correlated color temperature (Tc) and color rendering general index (Ra or Rb) are color quality parameters continously applied in many lighting applications, from conventional work sites (hospitals, shops, offices, etc) to computer graphics, videogames, digital cinema and even in virtual reality. Considering moreover the psychological effects of light and color, as color harmony or the Kruithof curve, any designer, visual ergonomics engineer, or optometrist should learn these scientific tools for efficiently applying them in different types of visual environments.

After this lesson, I have proposed the fourth task to be evaluated in this course.

  • Relative Weight: 5 %
  • Delivery process by UACloud platform, evaluation / practice delivery, deadline for 2 weeks.
  • Individual Task
  • Download the numerical exercises sheet no. 3
  • Read and solve the exercises no. 7-8 (Color temperature and rendering of two light sources).
  • Submit it using practice delivery tool by UACloud platform. Deadline: 15th November.

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