Más razones para usar los estándares

En Web Standards Design señalan algunos de los beneficios que se obtienen al emplear estándares:

The Benefits

Improved Page Load Times
Spaghetti code, nested tables and outdated markup can triple the bandwidth required for even the simplest of websites. This means that users are forced to wait longer for your pages to load – increasing the chance that they’ll bailout before they’ve even seen your logo.

Improved Bandwidth Usage
Operating costs are inflated as you pay your hosting company to serve one meaty 60K page, when they could be serving three streamlined 20K pages instead. Hard numbers are hard to come by, but in general if a site reduces its page weight by 35%, it reduces its bandwidth costs by the same amount. An organisation spending £80,000 a year would save £28,000 a year.

Do you create a new version of your site every time a new browser or device is released? Designing and building with web standards lowers production and maintenance costs. Make design changes in hours, not weeks.

Forwards Compatibility
When designed and built the right way, any document that is published on the web can work across multiple browsers, platforms and devices.

Backwards Compatibility
Because standards are inclusive by nature, standards-based design accommodates people who use older browsers and devices. Even those that are yet to be built or even imagined!

Comply with accessibility laws and guidelines without sacrificing beauty, performance and sophistication.

Support for Non-Traditional Devices
Adhering to standards allows organizations to accommodate a variety of non-traditional browsing devices – from PDAs and mobile phones to Web TV and Videogame Consoles to Braille and Screen-readers.

Repurpose Documents
Separating style from structure and behaviour facilitates the repurposing of web documents. Need that HTML file in PDF, CSV or Text format? No problem.

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