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Concurso un sitio web en menos de 10K


10K Apart es un curso para crear una página web que como máximo tenga un tamaño de 10K. Sus reglas principales son:

Size — Your total initial download can’t be over 10kB. You can lazy-load additional resources, but your project must be usable in 10kB or less. Scrutinize your project’s performance.
Interoperability — Your project must work equally well in all modern browsers. We may look at it in Lynx too. Or Opera Mini. Your code should have standards.
Accessibility — Everybody should be able to use your awesome creation. Interaction methods, screen sizes, contrast, assistive technologies… it’s all about creating opportunity. Embrace inclusive design.
Progressive Enhancement — The Web is a messy place and you never know what technologies will be available in your user’s devices and browsers. Build in layers.
Libraries — This time around, we want you to account for every bit of code you use, so you can use a library or parts of one, but it counts against your 10k if you load it by default. Use only what you need.

Author: Sergio Luján Mora

Profesor del Departamento de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos de la Universidad de Alicante (España). Interesado en el desarrollo y la accesibilidad web.

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