¿Sirven para algo los cursos MOOC?

Como soy coordinador de varios cursos MOOC, a veces me preguntan por su utilidad. En Are certificates from Udemy, edX, and Coursera of any worth? hay una respuesta interesante:

As for me, I searched for this question a lot, I don’t have my own academic experience to give you an accurate answer.

But I actually found a cliché throughout the internet, and I’d like to summarize it; mixing it with my own point of view 😀

  • Certificates prove that you’re a life-long learner.
  • Certificates show that you have the guts and the determination to start a project yourself triggered by your own motivation.
  • Obviously, these certificates will enrich your CV (let’s suppose they didn’t, they wouldn’t do any harm anyway).
  • Since the courses are verified and offered by prestigious universities, they have already gained an academic value.
  • Finally, wherever there’s money, there’s value (I guess nobody puts that this way :p).

Either way monsieur, I recommend you to go for it, cause it’s a good time investment. And don’t worry about the 50$ -just consider you spared them by being selfish on a date, or you bought a simple polo shirt instead of a fancy Armani one (just imagining) 😀

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