¿Por qué la página “home page” se llama “home page”?

Muy interesante y nostálgico lo que se explica en Why Do We Call it a Homepage?:

Berners-Lee imagined that each person would have their own little space on the web. They could add whatever bookmarks or notes they wanted to their page. They could make it public or keep it private. When they opened their browsers, they would be met with their personal website. And using their browser they could quickly make updates and publish changes to their site. The web, in other words, was meant to go both ways. We were meant to be both participants and consumers.

That space on the web, Berners-Lee called it a home page. It made sense. It was a digital “home” on the web. A space you could come back to and add the discoveries you made surfing the web. And that’s how the word home page began to circulate.

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