Guía de diseño adaptativo moderno

En The Guide To Responsive Design In 2023 and Beyond se explica todo esto:

Using Modern CSS

  • The typography is responsive to the viewport width via clamp() function.
  • The spacing is responsive to the viewport width via clamp() function.
  • The hero section is responsive to its content via flexbox wrapping.
  • The cards grid is responsive to the available space with minmax(), no media queries.
  • The card component is responsive to its wrapper via size container queries and style container queries.
  • The margins and paddings are responsive to the websites language via logical properties.

Using Media Queries

  • The site navigation is responsive to the viewport width.
  • The theming is responsive to the user preferences in their operating system.
  • The card hover effect is responsive to what the user is using (touch vs mouse).

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