Introduction to Environmental and Occupational Optometry: Task no. 1.


Welcome to Environmental and Occupational Optometry, an optional subject of the 4th course in the Degree in Optics and Optometry at the University of Alicante, whose teaching guide can be downloaded here.

After presenting as lecturer in charge of this subject, and proposing the general learning aim, describing the list of competences, objectives, contents, learning plan, evaluation system, and, bibliographic resources and links, I have proposed the first task to be evaluated in this course.

  • Relative Weight: 5 %
  • Delivery process by course blog, deadline for 2 weeks.
  • Individual Task
  • Download this proceeding article: “A vision for strengthening partnerships between optometry and ergonomics”
  • Read and comment in the blog course (in English or Spanish) your viewpoint about the resemblances and differences between “Visual Ergonomics” and “Environmental and Occupational Optometry”
  • Add moreover your opinion about the next question: Being expert in Environmental & Occupational Optometry will be important for next years and decades?  Why?







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