The NEO-MAPP was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. This project concentrates on two topics:

a) Maturation or adaptation to specific use cases of existing modelling capabilities.
b) Development of instruments, technologies and related data exploitation models to support NEO missions.

Multiple communities are now interested in NEOs for very different reasons ranging from science to planetary defence and commercial objectives (e.g., mining, resource extraction & exploitation). Given the shared scientific and technological basis, all of these communities require knowledge and modelling capabilities of asteroid properties, as well as the capability to perform close proximity operations and make relevant measurements. The multi-disciplinary approach at the heart of NEO-MAPP is perfectly suited for providing the significant improvements required in each of these aspects.

The University of Alicante is one of the partners of this large international consortium through the Planetary Science section of the A&A research group.