Research Group:

CLINICAL NURSING Research Group of the University of Alicante arises from a previous joint working between academic researchers and applied professionals. During this time, new topics of interest have emerged in the field of nursing. Furthermore, it has been argued the need for coordination between researchers, teachers, and clinical nurses. Also, the aims of this group are directed to the international cooperative/collaborative research network.
According to these arguments, new research lines have been formulated to facilitate and enhance our future development and productivity. This research group’s lines will contribute to the development of knowledge, technological innovation, or solving theoretical and practical problems crucial for nursing. Future projects will also be addressed from a plural theoretical and methodological approach, and progressively, they will advance in interdisciplinary contexts.

Research lines:

  • Nursing and Patient Safety
  • Clinical and Biological Nursing
  • Nursing Education
  • Clinical Learning Environment
  • Learning Technologies and Knowledge in Healthcare Education
  • Fundamentals of Nursing and Adult Care
  • Nursing and Biological & Health Anthropology
  • Nursing and Rights to Women’s Health

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