Mappingame is a research laboratory developed by the Urban Design and Regional Planning Unit of the Building Sciences and Urbanism Department at the University of Alicante. It focuses on  the study of urban dynamics using open data from location based social networks and other web services.
Our research explores and analyses open virtual data so as to understand urban phenomena. We design maps using geolocated data that describe and explain urban dynamics of cities within the context of the European Mediterranean Arc. Useful and often hidden information is revealed about social behaviour and the physical reality of cities.
With a self-developed desktop app, we retrieve data from location-based social networks such as, Foursquare, Twitter, Panoramio and Google Places. Then, we adapt data visualization according to the specific urban feature being studied. We assess urban complexity —activities and liveability of a given area—, urban identity, social cohesion, citizen preferences over urban public spaces, among other urban phenomena.
Mappingame is committed to collaboration and knowledge exchange with other researchers and organizations in order to achieve a better understanding of our cities.