Classical Writings of the Medieval Islamic World – Persian Histories of the Mongol Dynasties (3 Volumes)

Mirzar Haydar Dughlat, Khwandamir, Rashiduddin Fazlullah, Classical Writings of the Medieval Islamic World – Persian Histories of the Mongol Dynasties, Ed.Wheeler M. Thackston, I.B. Tauris, 2012, 3 Vol., 1560 pp.

Acaba de aparecer esta obra y que representa el esfuerzo de traducción para hacer asequible a los historiadores no conocedores de la lengua persa las más fuentes más importantes para el conocimiento de la dinastía Ilkhaní y Timurí. En la obra aparece Wheeler M. Thackston como editor lo que presupone un grado de rigor académico muy elevado.

Aunque no puedo dar una valoración de la misma ya que todavía no la tenemos disponible hemos accedido al índice que suministra la distribuidora:

VOLUME 1: “Tarikh-i-Rashidi: A History of the Khans of Moghulistan”
by Mirza Haydar Dughlat
Translator’s preface
Map of Moghulistan and surrounding areas
The Khans of Moghulistan
The Dughlat
The Timurids mentioned in the Tarikh-i-Rashidi
Chronology of the Tarikh-i-Rashidi
Works cited
VOLUME 2:”The Reign of the Mongol and the Turk”
by Khwandamir
Translator’s preface
Part One: On the Khans of Turkistan and the Rule of Genghis Kha nand his Sons in the Lands of Iran
and Turan Genghis Khan’s progeny who ruled autonomously and independently in Iran
Part Two: On Some of the Rulers Contemporary with the Genghisids Who Donned the Garb of
Padishahs and Quaffed the Goblet of Divine Favour
The Muzaffarids of Shiraz
The Atabegs of Luristan
The Kings of Rustamdar
The History of the Kings of Mazanderan
The Rule of the Sayyid
The History of the Sarbadars of Sabzawar
The Kurt King of Herat
Part Three: On the Deeds and Exploits of His Majesty the Sahib-Qiran Amir Temur Kuragan, and an
Exposition of that World-Conquering Padishah’s Sons and Grandsons Down to Today
The reign of the victorious Khaqan Mu’inuddin Shahrukh Mirza
The history of Shahrukh Mirza’s sons
The reign of Mirza Sultan-Ibrahim
The history of the reign of Sultan-Abusa’id Mirza
The history of the reign of Sultan-Husayn Mirza
The joint reign of Sultan Badi’uzzaman Mirza and Muzaffar-Husayn Mirza Kürägän
The end of Sultan-Husayn Mirza’s noble offspring
Part Four: On the Rising of the Sun of Regal Fortune, and How that Majesty Was Singled Out for Divine Favor
The history of the Aqqoyunlu Turcomans
The history of Shah Isma’il the Safavid
Glossary of terms
Books cited and reference works
Index of persons
Index of place pames
Index of terms, books
VOLUME 3: Compendium of Chronicles. A History of the Mongols by Rashiduddin Fazlullah
Part One: The History of the Emergemce of the Turkic Nations and How they Divided into Various Tribes, along with a Summary History of the Ancestors of Each Nation
Introduction: the geography of some of the places inhabited by the Turkic nations, and a list of names and epithets of each division
1 The histories and stories of the nations of Oghuz and the twenty-four branches of his sons and their offspring and some of his brothers and cousins who joined him
2 The Turkic nations that are now called Mongols but in times past were separate nations, each with its own language and name
3 The Turkic tribes that have also had separate monarchs and leaders but do not have a close relationship to the tribes mentioned in the previous division or to the Mongols yet are close to them in physiognomy and language
4 The Turkic tribes that were anciently styled Mongol, from which many tribes have come into being
Part Two: History of the Rulerts of the Mongol and Turkic Peoples
1 The history of Genghis Khan’s forebears and ancestors
2 The history of Genghis Khan and his illustrious offspring, some of whom have become rulers in every era, others of whom have not been rulers of a specific ulus, along with a summary account of the rulers of the world contemporary with them down to the year 705 of the Hegira
Works cited


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