El mito del navegador moderno

El artículo The myth of the “modern browser” critica el concepto del “navegador moderno”: hoy un navegador puede ser moderno, pero en poco tiempo será antiguo.

Muy interesante el siguiente párrafo, que se lo repito una y otra vez desde hace años a mis alumnos:

The web is full of outdated tutorials and bad advice and the largest part of those happened because a snapshot of browser functionality at that time was considered state of the art and “modern browser” stuff. Instead of using the feature as the test for the code writers explained that you need a certain browser version. This is limiting and confusing.

Y también es muy interesante esta previsión del futuro cercano:

In a discussion with friends the other day at Google we all agreed that in a not far away future all browsers should update in a silent fashion. End users should always have the newest browser without having to work on it and thus get new features when they are ready and hotfixes and security fixes in the fastest way possible. End users do not care about feature support, they just benefit once it is available and wrapped in a sensible UX.