Regalo de Navidad: consejos para tener éxito

Hoy en Navidad, así que hoy toca un regalo, una lectura muy interesante: Scott Adams’ Secret of Success: Failure.

Scott Adams es el creador de la tira cómica Dilbert. En el artículo que recomiendo, que es un resumen de su libro “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big,”, Scott Adams da algunos consejos para lograr el éxito, aunque el primer consejo ya nos dice que mejor no seguir los consejos de la gente que ha tenido éxito:

  • Beware of advice about successful people and their methods. For starters, no two situations are alike.
  • So forget about passion. And while you’re at it, forget about goals, too.
  • One should have a system instead of a goal. To put it bluntly, goals are for losers.
  • If you drill down on any success story, you always discover that luck was a huge part of it. You can’t control luck, but you can move from a game with bad odds to one with better odds. You can make it easier for luck to find you. The most useful thing you can do is stay in the game.
  • It’s a good place to be because failure is where success likes to hide in plain sight.