Los monstruos que crea JavaScript

Muy graciosas las respuestas que se han publicado en Quora a la pregunta Why is VSCode nearly 300 megabytes while Sublime Text is just 16 megabytes?:

Because Visual Studio Code is based on Electron, which is a horribly, horribly bloated framework that combines the Chromium rendering engine with the Node.js runtime. Writing an application to execute in a web browser is the worst imaginable way to develop software. It’s way over-engineered and overly complicated. And Node.js (JavaScript) is typically 2–6X slower than C++.

Visual Studio Code is a web browser with a code editor glued onto the side using expired epoxy.

VSCode is built on the Chromium rendering engine, which is made to render webpages, and is likely rendering this answer right now. The entire application is written using the duct tape monster that is Javascript. It’s a surprise that it is just 300 megabytes.

Using bloated web based frameworks to implement a desktop application does not make much sense, but .. anyway…