Internet Explorer compatible con los selectores de CSS

IE7 es un script para los navegadores de Microsoft que soluciona algunos problemas de compatibilidad de este navegador con los estándares existentes. Sus características son:

  • supports the following CSS selectors:
    • parent > child
    • adjacent + sibling
    • adjacent ~ sibling
    • [attr], [attr=”value”], [attr~=”value”] etc
    • .multiple.classes (fixes bug)
    • :hover, :active, :focus (for all elements)
    • :first-child, :last-child, only-child, nth-child, nth-last-child
    • :checked, :disabled, :enabled
    • :empty, :contains(), :not()
    • :before/:after/content:
    • :lang()
  • supports imported style sheets
  • preserves the cascade of the style sheet
  • does not alter the document structure
  • does not repeatedly query the DOM
    tree using JavaScript
  • uses pure CSS to enforce style sheet rules
  • supports the W3C box model in both standards and quirks mode
  • supports fixed positioning (flicker free)
  • supports overflow:visible
  • supports min/max-width/height
  • fixes broken (X)HTML elements (abbr, object)
  • standardised forms behavior
  • supports PNG alpha transparency
  • lightweight script (11KB)
  • works for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ (Windows only)