Safe Driving Tips for Beginner

With all the distractions of the road and the general fast-paced speed of life, tips for driving safe can be easily forgotten while on the road.

Let’s face it, driver’s ed seems like a lifetime ago and we don’t drive with our hands on 10 and 2 like we’re supposed to.

But becoming a better, safer driver is easier than you might think. These 11 safe driving techniques can help you stay safe, avoid accidents and make the road a better place for you and the neighbors driving next to you!

1. Avoid Distractions

When you’re driving, distractions are everywhere. Your phone is the most major distraction, so make sure you put it away when you’re driving anywhere — even if it’s just down the road. Putting it on drive mode can also make sure you’re not tempted to touch it while you’re on the road, according to TDLR online course by IMPROV.

Life can get pretty hectic and we’ve all had those days where we feel we’re behind the clock. Then we stop for a little fast food and contemplate eating it while driving.

It’s extremely dangerous to eat and drive because our focus is on the food instead of the road. Don’t do it! Pull into a parking spot and take a few minutes to chow it down before continuing on your way.

2. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead will save you the trouble of potential speeding tickets and unnecessary wrecks or scares. By adding five to 10 minutes between activities (to account for heavy traffic, other wrecks on the road, or hitting every red light along the way), you’ll give yourself enough time and create a sense of patience to get safely to wherever you need to be.

3. Drive the Speed Limit

We know, we know. Ever since you began your driver’s ed course in your mid-teens, everyone has been telling you not to speed. Well, for good reason. Speeding is not only dangerous to your wellbeing, but it also makes you a hazard for other vehicles as well.

Speed limits are there for a reason and it’s important to abide by the posted mile-per-hour limits for a safe trip. Driving isn’t a race, it’s a destination from A to B. Driving the speed limit will ensure that you get there as safely as possible.

4. Control the Road Rage

We’re not saying you have a case of road rage at all, but we know there are wild drivers out there that do things to annoy other drivers. Don’t let them get under your skin. If you get cut off in traffic, take a few deep breaths, just keep your cool and keep driving safely!

5. Check the Weather

Keeping an eye on the weather before you have to drive will help you prepare for potentially dangerous road conditions. If you can drive at a different time to miss a rain or snowstorm, do so. If you can’t, it’s important to know what you’re up against so you can prepare yourself and your car accordingly.

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