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Sot de Chera field trip

Students of the third course of Geology of the Alicante University within the subject of Regional Geology: visit Jarafuel triassic section, Montealegre del Castillo triassic section, Sot de Chera Jurassic section and Monduver geologic dome.

The picture shows the in the Chulilla health resort section near by Sot de Chera (Valencia province)

University of Alicante geology students near Sot de Chera.

Field Trip to Almeria

This year the students of the third course of Marine sciences of the Alicante University visit the Sorbas basin, Cabo de Gata, and Mesa de Roldán on November 4th and 5th of 2021.

University of Alicante Marine Geology course students (2021-22)

The picture show the student visiting the Torregarcia beach and the Roman remains of a cetaria (a marine factory).

The professors in charge were  Antonio Estévez, Manuel Martín-Martín and José Enrique Tent-Manclús.