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Marine Geology field trip to Nijar and Sorbas

As the last year, students of the third course of Marine sciences of the Alicante University visit the Sorbas basin, Cabo de Gata, Hoyazo de Nijar, and Cerro del Espíritu Santo of Vera.  The visit took place on 7 and 8 of November of 2019.

The visit was organized by Antonio Estévez, Santiago Moliner, and José Enrique Tent-Manclús.

Student group before entering the Sorbas Cave.

Alicante Messinian Group LOGO

The logo was made by Jesús M. Soria based in an eroded mediterranean margin resembling the M of Messinian.

The “Paleoenviromental changes” logo is for the Research Group of the Alicante University.

The Alicante Messinian Group was granted by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación Research Project CGL 2007 -6583  .


Members of the Alicante Messinian Group

The team leader is the Professor Jesús M. Soria of the Alicante University.

Jesús Soria (in the 90’s) pointing to a palm-tree-gypsum  near Benejúzar (Alicante).


Team Members:

Antonio Estévez

Alfonso Yébenes

José Antonio Pina

José Enrique Tent-Manclús

Ignacio Fierro

José Francisco Baeza-Carratalá

Alice Giannetti

Hugo A. Corbi

Juan J. Peral





Alicante Messinian Group

This blog is the continuation of the web page of the Alicante Messinian Group.