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Field trip to Teruel

This academic year 2022-23 we have returned to Teruel Paleozoic as before the pandemic. The geology students of Alicante University third course within the subject of Regional Geology: visit Montealegre del Castillo triassic section (Albacete), Aguilon Jurassic section (Teruel), Murero Cambrian Rambla Valdemiedes section (Zaragoza), Luesma Ordovicic to Triassic section (Teruel), Santa Cruz de Nogueras museum “Paleozoic Seas Museum” (Teruel), Ojos Negros iron-ore quarry (Teruel) and Checa-Orea road Ordovicic-Silurian section (Guadalajara).

The picture shows all the students on the Tertiary erosional surface on top of the Murero section  (Zaragoza province).

Alicante University Student in Murero top section. Panoramic view of the Iberian Cordillera.

The second picture show students in the Murero Cambrian Rambla de Valdemiedes section.

Alicante University geology third course students in the Rambla de Valdemiedes, cambrian of Murero.