La ingeniería del software es distinta de la ingeniería del hardware

Esto es un “secreto a voces”. Recomiendo la lectura del artículo ¿”Ingeniería” del software? Ahora vienen los mea culpa, de Ricardo Galli.

Y también recomiendo el siguiente vídeo, en inglés, Engineering Software is Different from Engineering Hardware:

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En este vídeo se comentan algunos fracasos famosos de la ingeniería del software. Uno más reciente es BBC scraps £98m digital archive project as DG admits licence money wasted.

Discurso motivador para los alumnos de informática

Un supuesto discurso de graduación para alumnos de informática: A Commencement Speech for Graduating 2013 CS Majors. Algunas frases destacadas:

In my 35 years of experience in the software field, I’ve met a lot of developers, young and old. And the one thing that separated the truly successful ones from the crowd is passion. Now passion is an overused and abused term these days. Too often people take it to mean a passion for being successful, for achieving a personal goal in their life. When I talk about passion, I mean love. I’ve been in love with computers since I was 14 years old, and I’d be playing with them even if I didn’t get paid for it. If software engineering is merely a means to an end, you’re not going to be happy in the long term working in this field, because much of it is God-awful boring unless you have a passion for it.


Pick the right technologies to learn. It’s easy to be seduced by the flavor of the month, and spend time learning something that will never gain significant traction. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t learn something new if you’re genuinely interested in it, but don’t follow the herd just because everyone is talking about language X or framework Y. In fact, I’ve never been hurt, career-wise, by waiting a year or two to learn a technology, because that’s when a truly useful item starts to show up in job positions.

100 trucos para PHP

El libro Plug-in PHP: 100 Power Solutions ofrece interesantes “trucos” o soluciones para diferentes situaciones que se pueden dar al desarrollar una aplicación web. Los trucos están agrupados en las siguientes categorías, y se pueden descargar de la web del libro:

  1. Building a Development Server
  2. PHP and Plug-ins
  3. Text Processing
  4. Image Handling
  5. Content Management
  6. Forms and User Input
  7. The Internet
  8. Chat and Messaging
  9. MySQL, Sessions and Cookies
  10. APIs, RSS and XML
  11. Incorporating JavaScript
  12. Diverse Solutions