El coste de los frameworks de JavaScript

Muy interesante todo lo que se explica en The Cost of Javascript Frameworks:

There is no faster (pun intended) way to slow down a site than to use a bunch of JavaScript.

The thing about JavaScript is you end up paying a performance tax no less than four times:

  1. The cost of downloading the file on the network

  2. The cost of parsing and compiling the uncompressed file once downloaded

  3. The cost of executing the JavaScript

  4. The memory cost

Depuración de JavaScript

En The 16 JavaScript debugging tips you probably didn’t know se explican 16 técnicas que ayudan a depurar el código JavaScript:

  1. debugger
  2. Display objects as a table
  3. Try all the sizes
  4. How to find your DOM elements quickly
  5. Benchmark loops using console.time() and console.timeEnd()
  6. Get the stack trace for a function
  7. Unminify code as an easy way to debug JavaScript
  8. Quick-find a function to debug
  9. Black box scripts that are NOT relevant
  10. Find the important things in complex debugging
  11. Watch specific function calls and arguments
  12. Quickly access elements in the console
  13. Postman is great (but Firefox is faster)
  14. Break on node change
  15. Use page speed services
  16. Breakpoints everywhere