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The Huelva Group: Josep Tosquella

Josep Tosquella Angrill graduated in Geological Sciences in 1985 from the University of Barcelona. He obtained his doctorate from the University of Barcelona in 1995, having studied the Nummulitinae of the Paleocene-Early Eocene of the south-Pyrenean Basin. Their teaching history begins at the Faculty of Geology of the University of Barcelona as Assistant Professor LRU (1990-1998). From 1999 to 2001 teach as a Full-time Associate Professor in the Department of Geology of the Faculty of Experimental Sciences of the University of Huelva, and on October 17 of 2001 he take part as Full University Professor at this University at the Department of Earth Sciences (Palaeontology area). His recent research activity is mainly focused on the following lines: a) Large Benthic Foraminifera (Nummulitids) in the Cenozoic sediments of the Pyrenean, Betic and Vasco-Cantabrian areas: Systematics, Paleoecology, Paleobiogeography, Biochronostratigraphy and usefulness in Intercontinental Stratigraphic Correlations, and b) Geoarchaeology of the Tinto-Odiel Estuary (Huelva, SW Spain): Morphosedimentary evolution and peopling.

Recent papers:

Nummulites catari. Tosquella y Serra-Kiel, 1998 Reference: TOSQUELLA, J., SERRA-KIEL, J., 1998. Nummulites catari: a new species from the late Paleocene of the Pyrenean basin. In HOTTINGER, L. & DROBNE, K. (Eds.): Paleogene shallow benthos of the Tethys, vol. IV, 34/2, 165-171, Dela-Opera SAZU, Ljubljana.