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Paul Fallot visit to the Crevillente Sierra on 1931

A compilation of geological landscape images of the Crevillente Sierra prior to the Spanish civil war found in  the historical archives have been made. Specifically from the authors Daniel Jiménez de Cisneros and Hervás, Bartolomé Darder Pericàs and Paul Fallot. Many different works have been carried out on the first two authors, while the stereographic photographs of the Paul Fallot Fund in the Archive of the University of Granada  are mentioned for the first time.

During the preparation of the Symposium Tribute to D. Daniel Jiménez de Cisneros y Hervás, in 2004, part of the glass gelatin silver emulsions in the Jimenez de Cisneros collection were cataloged and scanned.

Tables are made with the description of the glasses and some images that have been described in previous works are shown. The conservation of this material is worthwhile because you can see how the landscape of the mountains has changed from the beginning of the last century to the present day.

Stereoscopic pictures number 1849 of the Paul Fallot Fund of the Granada University. Numbered as 2452 by its author and described as: “Néogene Colina del Castillo S. de Crevillente P.F. 31” (Paul Fallot 1931). Bottom El Frare from el Pla taken on February 13th of 2004 by J. E. Tent-Manclus.

Cite as: Tent-Manclús, J. E., Lancis, C. y Baeza Carratalá, J. F. (2019): Las fotografías realizadas para el studio geológico de la Sierra de Crevillente a principios del siglo XX. In: Daniel Jiménez de Cisneros Centenario de sus trabajos sobre geología y paleontología de la Sierra de Crevillent (Belmonte Mas y Satorre Pérez, A. Eds.). Ayuntamiento de Crevillent. Concejalía de Cultura. 247-259.

Jimenez de Cisneros exhibition at Crevillent

In the Crevillent town takes place an exhibition on the geologist Daniel Jimenez de Cisneros celebrating the 100 years of the publication of the first geological study of the Crevillent Sierra.

The University of Alicante has been collaborating in the exhibit 15-years after the 2004-tribute-simposium to Don Daniel Jimenez de Cisneros. The link bellow show two videos made for the event.


Catoon trailer:


link to the facsimil-book published:


Jiménez de Cisneros course field trip to the Crevillente Sierra

The field trip of the he summer school course of the University Miguel Hernandez  entitled “Jimenez de Cisneros, pioneer in the geological and paleontological investigation in the Southern Alicante” took place on september 5th, 2019.

The participants visit the Los Molinos educative center and then waked along the dirt road to the Pouet de la Mel spring.

The fist photography show the conductor of this field trip will be our collegue José Enrique Tent-Manclús teaching the finimessinian transgressive surface on the background of the picture.

The second fotography show the all participants in the field trip near the Pouet the la Mel spring with the Sierra de Crevillente Jurassic at the back.

More information about the Crevillente course here.

Daniel Jimenez de Cisneros

Next September the village of Crevillente will be organised a summer course inside the offer of the Miguel Hernández University summer course entitled “Jimenez de Cisneros, pioneer in the geological and paleontological investigation in the Southern Alicante”.


This year marks the centenary of Daniel Jiménez de Cisneros, Professor of Natural History, publication in the “Iberia” journal, of the first geological and paleontological synthesis of the Crevillente Sierra.
Daniel Jiménez de Cisneros made what could be the first and oldest photographs of the Crevillente Sierra, an exceptional graphic testimony that allows us to see what the landscape of this mountain was like 100 years ago. We also owe him not only the identification of the main paleontological sites of the mountains, but also the approach of the first geological itineraries on it, published in the “Iberia” journal in 1919.
This course makes this figure known to us and brings us closer to the geology and paleontology of our environment by the help of great specialists.

Ana Satorres course coordinador.

More information about the Crevillente course here.

One of the events of this course will be a field trip to the Crevillente Sierra to see the some of the historical sites mentioned in the 100-year-old paper of Jimenez de Cisneros conducted by Jose Enrique Tent- Manclus.

All the news about the event will be comment in this blog.