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Historical Earthquakes in Valencia

The “1396 Tabernes” earthquake occurred in the Valldigna valley and it has been considered one of the largest Iberian Peninsula recorded earthquakes. The information used for such claims has always been from secondary sources in the area because the originals were believed to be lost. In this work, the recently edited copy of the book about the Royal Monastery Nuestra Señora de la Valldigna history, the “Chronological history” of Father Estevan Gil, has permitted to correct the date of December 16th instead of December 18thfor the main earthquake. The earthquake damage is reinterpreted from the original source. In addition, the importance of the November 7th 1330 earthquake which represents the first destruction of the monastery, is pointed out. The original book provides information on the last destruction of the church in the 1644 earthquake, its damage and reconstruction. Together with another book, also recently published by Tomás Gómez, on the castilian visit of 1666, it allows us to discover what the monastery was like and understand the damage and reconstruction. Finally, two other earthquakes are mentioned in the years 1724 and 1748 that are also reflected in Father Gil’s book.

Entrance of the Royal Monastery Nuestra Señora de la Valldigna

Cite as: Tent-Manclús, J. E. (2022): Los terremotos del sur de la provincia de Valencia según las fuentes del Real Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de la Valldigna (E de España, Provincia de Valencia). Cuaternario y Geomorfología, 36 (1-2): 77-103. https://doi.org/10.17735/cyg.v36i1-2.91108

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