Scientific-technical capacities necessary for professional practice in technical architecture as well as a number of other fields, such as calculation techniques, measurements, appraisals and studies of economic viability, inspection and defects analysis, reports and technical documents, design plan on plots and buildings.

Subject objectives/competences

  • To acquire and apply physics and mathematical knowledge to solve Technical Architecture situations.
  • To achieve the basic knowledge of the Physic laws which are needed to understand other subjects study during the degree.
  • To give a simple description and as complete as possible for statics, and apply it to solve simple structures; establishing the basic relationships that exist between this subject and other subjects in the curriculum.
  • To calculate centre of mass and moment of inertia of flat surfaces.
  • To increase the capacity of planning and conducting experiments, as well as analysis and interpretation of experimental data.
  • To develop autonomy in the learning processes forming capacities and attitudes to facilitate life-long learning and capacities to communicate making use of the scientific language.
  • To acquire skills in information technologies.

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