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Practise 3: Moment of inertia of plane surfaces

Please, first of all review following materials you can download by UACloud:

  1. presentations AP1_chap00, AP2_chap01 and
  2. template where you can check how to write laboratory reports “Sample_Physics_Lab_Report”.

You should finish second practise related to “Hooke’s law” and submit it as soon as possible by “Evaluation tools“.


NOTE: I will upload practise guide today (in Spanish).

  1. AIMS:
    1. Build any irregular shape surface which value of the moment of inertia with respect an axis (X or Y) is known.
    2. Determine its centre of gravity experimentally.
    3. Write your lab report explaining all processes you did, results in tables and calculations.
    1. The moment of inertia (with respect rectangular axis X or Y through one side) should be I = 0.010 kg/m^2 with an uncertainty of 10%.
    2. Area should be composite by three regular areas at least, but not equals, i.e. a rectangle, a triangle and a semicircle but not two triangles and a rectangle.
    3. Moreover, an empty area will be required in the composite figure (here you can repeat previous shapes).
  3. EXAMPLES:NOTE: You can do it by group of two people and take into account you must not present the same area, i.e. exactly the same measurements or shapes.


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