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mayo 2016

Leveraging information for high level-of- abstraction organizational processes

Leveraging information for high level-of- abstraction organizational processes
J.L. Dalmau-Espert, F. Llorens-Largo, P. Compañ-Rosique, R. Satorre-Cuerda, R. Molina-Carmona
Departamento de Ciencia de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial
Universidad de Alicante

Big Data 2016
Alicante, 3-5 May 2016
Wessex Institute, UK
University Miguel Hernandez, Spain
University of Alicante, Spain

Nowadays, Big Data techniques have made possible to obtain interesting low- level information from large amounts of data. However, the information is often difficult to be enriched enough to aid in high-level organizational processes. The objective of this work is to define a model to allow the use of available information for the design and implementation of high level-of-abstraction processes that take place in the organizations. Particularly, this paper is focused on the Strategic Planning process, one of the most complex and abstract processes in any company. So far there are very few successful attempts to automate this process, which is usually based on manual tasks. At the most, the results from the automatic data analysis are generated and used as reports and are not integrated in the process. A further step is proposed, posing a Strategic Planning model based on a multi-agent system with a blackboard, which is used as a means of communication and storage of the generated information. The information is described using an ontology to formalize both the Strategic Planning process and the information used in each step. The combination of these elements enables the participation, interaction and sharing of information and knowledge of the participants in the process. The accumulated knowledge allows the use of previous experience to automate the process and improve the decision-making. In short, the proposed model is a formal, comprehensive, agile and flexible solution to perform the process of Strategic Planning in organizations today leveraging of the enormous amount of available data and the gathered experience.

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