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Designing Effective eLearning Infographic 28 marzo 2018

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Designing Effective eLearning Infographic
Posted on March 21, 2018

Organizations adopt different project management techniques, instructional design models, and visual design principles to create eLearning solutions.

The changing tastes of learners, falling attention spans of learners, and the shift towards learning on mobile devices have brought a significant change in the way eLearning is designed and delivered.

Learners choose to access smaller learning nuggets ‘on-the-go’ and this in tandem has fueled the growth of video-based learning and dedicated mobile learning apps.

In this infographic, we have distilled the best practices to be followed when working on an eLearning project. Do read and share your insights on how to execute and deliver an eLearning project successfully.


Designing Effective eLearning Infographic
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