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Gamification and Advanced Technology to Enhance Motivation in Education (CFP) 24 enero 2019

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Special Issue Gamification and Advanced Technology to Enhance Motivation in Education

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 June 2019
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Motivation is the driving force behind many human activities, particularly learning. Motivated students are ready to make a significant mental effort and use deeper and more effective learning strategies. Some of the fundamental attributes of learning strategies that enhance motivation are:
– Experimentation or learning by doing.
– Interactivity and immediate feedback.
– Allow and naturalize the error.
– Give control to the learner.

Gamification is a means to obtain motivation by incorporating the use of strategies, models, dynamics, mechanics and game elements in a learning context. But it is not the only way. Other technologies can provide users with motivation by introducing the aforementioned learning strategies.

This Special Issue aims to promote innovative ideas, theories, models, approaches, technologies, systems, projects, best practices, case studies, ethical studies and products in the area of advanced technologies to enhance motivation in education. Submissions should present empirical and/or theoretical advances on (but not limited to) the following topics:
– Gamification
– Serious games
– Game design applied to education
– Smart learning
– Adaptive learning
– Advanced interfaces for learning

Prof. Dr. Faraón Llorens-Largo
Prof. Dr. Rafael Molina-Carmona
Guest Editors


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