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junio 2023

Metamodelo para implementação de transformação digital em IES

Metamodelo para implementação de transformação digital em IES:
jornada de transformação por meio de abordagem multiteórica de mudança organizacional

Adriana Veríssimo Karam Koleski
Programa De Pós-Graduação Em Engenharia E Gestão Do Conhecimento
Centro Tecnológico
Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina

Florianópolis, 2023

Hoy he formado parte de la banca examinadora de esta tesis doctoral.

Parabéns, Adriana!

The transformations experienced in the context of the networked society and the impact of digital technologies in all areas of society, have brought challenges and opportunities to organizations and, in particular, to higher education institutions (HEIs). The challenge of HEIs is twofold: at the same time that they have to transform as organizations to remain competitive, they need to reconfigure the education offered to their students. A process of planning, implementation and monitoring of strategies that enable their digital transformation (DT) is necessary. A transformation that is nourished by scientific knowledge and technologies structured by society and, at the same time, has a unique character for each HEI. This thesis addresses the question of how to implement DT in HEIs. It was was structured with the objective of conceiving a metamodel for DT implementation that respects the diversity, complexity and scope of the phenomenon in a HEI. The challenge was addressed using organizational change theories accompanied by concepts about DT in higher education, networked society, stakeholder theory and 21st century competencies. The nature of the research is technological and the paradigm adopted was pragmatism. As for the objectives it is exploratory and prescriptive, with the use of the mixed method and Design Science Research (DSR) as its methodological approach. The metamodel was conceived using design cycles sustained in the state of the art literature on the subject. The artifact is composed of four elements: digital transformation journey; theoretical lenses of change and digital transformation factors; stakeholders involved; spiraling journey. The results of evaluation of the metamodel were obtained by means of structured and semi-structured interviews with domain experts and strategic managers of HEIs and reveal that the metamodel is consistent, feasible and useful to guide the construction of DT models for HEIs.

Keywords: digital transformation; higher education; organizational change; metamodel.

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