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noviembre 2016

Proposal of a Framework of IT Governance for Public Universities in Ecuador

Proposal of a Framework of IT Governance for Public Universities in Ecuador
Francisco Xavier Valverde Alulema y Faraón Llorens-Largo
Universidad Central del Ecuador y Universidad de Alicante
Fourth International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM2016)
Salamanca, November 2-4, 2016

This paper describes the utility of a framework of corporative IT (Information Technology) Governance and how a specific, simpler, progressive and scalable model can be a reference and used in the Ecuadorian public universities. The purpose is ensuring the correct use of the IT, generating business value. The main objective is converting the IT in an corporate strategic element, so that it can serve as a support for the corporate managers, allowing them execute actions and optimal decisions, targeted to the effective use of the IT. The IT department objectives must be aligned with the institutional objectives of universities. Some important contributions in this context as well as in the IT Governance in other countries have been detected, so that they will be served as a starting point for the development of a specific framework of IT Governance for the university reality of Ecuador. Initial data are collected trough some instruments, allowing the observation of the achievement of the IT Governance process, using a generic framework as reference and applying the model to a public university of Ecuador. The results will justify and validate the contribution of this research. It is finally concluded that, the ITs not only serve to automate the processes in the organizations, but they must also get involved in the core business and strategy. The adaptation of this model to the public universities of Ecuador will generate a change and will improve decision making in the executive level. This specific framework of IT Governance for universities will be a benchmark of first line for higher education institutions worldwide. The truly integration of ITs in the universities trough a framework of corporate governance will be the strategic road to “Digital University” in the future. Otherwise, the universities that do not integrate the ITs in their core will be sentenced to live in the past and to die in a short time.

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