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Proposal for a digital maturity model for universities (MD4U) 5 junio 2019

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Proposal for a digital maturity model for universities (MD4U)
Faraón Llorens-Largo, Rafael Molina-Carmona, Antonio Fernández-Martínez
EUNIS 2019 Conference
Campus for the future
June 5 – 7, 2019
Trondheim, Norway

As ITs become more important in organizations, there has been confusion between different related concepts: digitization, digitalization and digital transformation. It is important for universities to understand that the destination of this path is not simply their digitalization but to become true digital universities. We understand by digitalizing the use of information technologies to offer faster and more efficient solutions to existing business needs. However, digital transformation consists of both digitalizing and detecting the potential of a technology to drastically transform business processes or create new services or strategic business processes for the organization based on that technology. We propose a characterization of digital transformation on which our Digital Maturity Model for Universities (MD4U, from Spanish Modelo de Madurez Digital para Universidades) will be based, taking into account that the reasons we are going to provide and the definition of the model will be limited to the university environment, which has very specific and differentiated characteristics from the rest of the industry sectors.




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