G1 Joaquín Alvado

Assembly 2014

Professor: Joaquín Alvado Bañón



English. We are going to use the English language as a way to internationalize the school of architecture of Alicante; it will be a pilot experience but is the first step to create an open international future school. We will try to focus in the expression tools of the Architecture as an abstract language to make our work understood.


Round table. The proposal consists in the physical construction of a structure of discussion to find the real items of the knowledge of a contemporary architect.

Every morning we create a round table formed with the students, the teacher, some invited architects or people involve in the contemporary construction of the culture of the project to discuss about programs, social networks, contexts, material, citizens, structures, construction, economy, history, city shape…, Architecture.

Every week appears a new item to be discussed and, if it will be possible, a new expert voice to improve our consciences about the new understanding of our reality as students and as an architects.

We start the first week with one question over the table; what kind of architect do we want to become? Every student has to take a position and construct a discourse above each item discussed during the week.

We work with architectural expression tools and instruments of the cultural architectural project: drawings, models, performances, video, actions, etc, in order to present one approach to the intelligent reality of the city.

After the presentation we start working in groups of three students to construct and defend our arguments.


The objective of this course is that the student will be capable to stimulate his/hers conscience and take a position in the architectural world of the contemporary projects. They, also, have to generate their skills and thoughts about the new situation and to learn how to express it in an architectural way. To open the discussion, a group of eight students of the Final Project subject are invited and will work and discuss with us.


The first semester (Project 2) consists in an approach to the cultural world of the project. We are going to talk, think and construct many items that constantly appear in the recreation of the new reality. It will be a work developed week by week. The round table is going to focus in experiences and these experiences probably will take us to some places in the city or abroad (the possibility of an architectural travel to Edinburgh will be discussed in the sessions).

The second semester (Project 3) consists in an approach to the technician world of the project. We are going to talk about many items that constantly appear in the recreation of the new reality. It will be a unique project work developed during the whole semester.


The whole course will be developed in the social networks. We will create a web-page for the video presentations and Facebook and twitter will be used for the communication between students.

Here you can see an example of the last years. alvado-gironella.blogspot.com.es


(*) On Translation: Web
A project by Ricardo Iglesias
The metaphor of the knots is a personal vision of the work method involved in the On Translation series. There is no centre or hierarchy in the production; everything is part of a single idea, a single concern, a single string which crosses and intertwines and where each installation, each intervention, each knot takes on a particular, unique form, with its own time, space and context parameters, while still taking part in a subjective dialogue with the author. In the very nature of the knot we can find a number of important aspects to highlight: union, subjection, the formalisation and specification of different elements on the one hand; on the other, tension, generation, the movement produced when that union takes place.








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