G3. J.Sánchez Merina (mañana inglés)

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Many changes have been in the architecture profession since Journey to the East was written: A diary of Le Corbusier’s trip in 1911. This book is a collection of visual notations, or impressions perceived by Le Corbusier as a visitor to a number of cities in Southeast Europe. Later, the acquired disciplinary knowledge acted as an inspiration for his architecture. After the success last year, we have organized again an integrated course travelling to the unknown: to places that have awakened in each of us a need to learn from the local, its technology, culture and society; consolidating links of specialisation. It is also an experience to empathize Architecture as a Comparative Study, learning as a trip, a journey as an experience. We will discuss and go with our proposals and designs in our trips by Tram along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, redefining the limits of architecture by working with the unknown as a way to build up a research

Professors: Joaquín Alvado Bañón Javier Sánchez Merina